Smoking tabels are made in round, squere and triangel.

The round and squere tabels is for 4 sitting or standing peaple.

the triangel tabel is for 6 standing people.

The smoke is suged into an acryllic tube on top of the tabel.

The smoke is cleaned by the ozoneelements and the filters and blown uot on the buttem of the tabel as clean air.

The round tabels are 90 cm in diameter. the square are 80 x 80 cm.

The tabels are meade with anodizied aluprofiles with sideplates of brused cobber, or any other colors and materials

The tabels can be delivered with an on/off buttem to start the fan and the electronics.

It can also be delivered with a switch that runs for 10 to 60 minutes (ajstable ) and switch off automaticly.

Both the tabeltop and the sides can be made by your coice of materials to meet the rums interior.

The tabels has a counter counting houers so you knov when to change filters.

The system with ozonegenerators are “self cleaning” as the ozone cleans the coalfilter, and the coalfilter removes the rest oz ocone,

In this way you only neet to change filter after approx. 1.000 houers.

tiangel tabel for 6 standing peaple
square tabel to stand by with brused cobberplates
square tabel to sit by with silvergrey sides