A standard cabin is manufacturet with nature anodized alu profiles and sides and loft of clear, dim or colored acryllic plates.

A standard cabin for 3 persens at a time can be wallmounted or stand alone. messduring 90 x 180 cm and 230 cm high.

Other sizes on request, i.e. maxi cabins for 5 to 8 persons. All cabins can be delivered with sliding doors.

The cabins are ment for self mounting by an easy mounting manual.

The cabins can be delivered in many different colors and materiels i.e. colored plates, wood panels glass. ect.

Only your wallet and your fantasy makes the limit.

The smoking box is atomaticly turned on, by a sensor, and runs as long as there is people in the cabin.

It turns off again 5 minutes after the latest smoker has left the cabin.

If the cabin is made with sliding doors, it can be turned un as soon as you enters the door, and schwich off when you

close the door again.

Smoking cabin with sliding door and fixed wall.